1100cc Honda Goldwing Installation Manual


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Receiver Hitch Installation Install all bolts loosely until all brackets are in place 1) Place motorcycle on center stand and be certain it is level. 2) Remove saddlebags if necessary for easier installation. 3) Mount bracket A to the lower front crash bar bolt Left side (new bolts provided) and top of left hitch arm. 4) Mount bracket B to the lower front crash bar bolt Right side (new bolts provided) and top of right hitch arm. 5) Bracket C mounts to rear of hitch and sub frame bolt located behind tail light (new bolt provided) This bracket mounts inside the rear fender. 6) Attach brackets D and E to rear of hitch. 7) Bracket F attaches to bottom of bracket D and trunk sub frame with U-bolts. Insert bottom U-bolts at step 9 8) Bracket G attaches to bottom of bracket E and trunk sub frame with U-bolts. Insert bottom U-bolts at step 9 9) Brackets D and E (with brackets F and G) attach to bottom rear saddlebag sub frame with U-bolts. 10) Tighten all bolts. INSTALLATION OF THE TOW-PAC HITCH CART. 1. Place your motorcycle on a smooth flat surface, like a garage floor, and rest it on its center stand. 2. Assemble the axles, tires and wheels, and fenders onto the tow- pac hitch cart. 3. Carefully align the tow-pac hitch cart’s hitch mount with the receiver hitch on the motorcycle. Now push the hitch mount into the receiver hitch. (this might be a little difficult until you get use to doing it. Removing the paint from the hitch mount and applying a little grease will help.) 4. Place the hitch pin through the receiver hitch and hitch mount ( alignment plate ). Install and tighten the tension bolt. 5. Push the motorcycle off of the center stand and risers if used. 6. Bolt leanstop braces to hitch. (Bolt inserts from the bottom) Be certain to replace washers/spacers in the same configuration as when you removed them. see diagram next page 7. Check all bolts for tightness. 8. You are now ready for the test ride. A. Keep your feet up! B. Ride slowly in first gear until you are comfortable with the Tow-Pac system.

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