1998-2001 HONDA VFR 800 Complete Brake Line Kit INSTALLATION


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Identify the key components that complete our brake line kit: You should have nine (9) hoses, one (1) double banjo bolt, fourteen (14) single banjo bolts, (1) single bleeder bolt three (3) drawings, and a picture CD. There are also a total of forty (40) washers and two (2) “olive” conic inversors. Thirty six washers will be used, and two olives. The rest are spares.Step 2: Familiarize yourself with the brake lines, which are labeled for application. Lettered brake hoses A, B, C, D, E, F, G are installed on the front of the motorcycle, while brake hoses (H and I) are installed on the rear. Each label will reference a different drawing, which will show you the location of the key brake system
components.Step 3: To ensure no paint damage from a brake fluid spill, completely cover the bike. This process can be messy, and brake fluid WILL drip! Step 3: Dry out (bleed) your OEM hoses, and take note of how the stock system is installed. You may want to take a couple pictures, in case you need to re-install. Step 4:Remove the stock hoses on the front of the motorcycle, and replace with Galfer hoses labeled A,B,C,D,E,F,G. Locate lines A. this hose will run from the master cylinder down to the right caliper and across the fender through the C-CLIP down to the left caliper. Line D. will run from the (DELAY VALVE) up through the C-CLIP to the right side upper frame female fitting will thread into the male with a (OLIVE) this O.E.M tubing travels to the proportion valve. Line F will run from the left caliper up through the C-CLIP to the left upper frame female fitting and thread to the male with a (OLIVE) this tubing travels to the rear master cylinder. Locate and install line E; this hose will run from the lower delay valve down to the right caliper. locate and install line C& G; line G will travel from the bottom (left) mounting point on the left caliper, to the upper inner mounting point of the left caliper this line joins line C with a double banjo bolt. line C will travel from the inner left caliper through the C-CLIP across the front fender to the inner mounting point of the delay valve

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