2001 HONDA CRF 230 Dual Sport Kit Installation Manual


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1. Remove the seat, fuel tank, side panels, and front number plate. 2. Taillight and Turn signal Installation: Note that Baja Designs has updated this kit to use the new style LED taillight. The mounting is the same. Mount the rear taillight assembly to the rear fender as shown in Photos 1 and 2. Transfer drill the mounting holes in the taillight assembly into the fender and mount using the countersunk fasteners provided. The tail light lens should just line up with the end of the fender. Mount the turn signals into the side of the taillight assembly as shown in Photos 1, 2 and 3. The taillight has not been pre-drilled to allow placement of the turnsignals to be varied to accommodate different exhausts. Use a 3/8″ drill for the turn signal mounting hole 3 Photo 3 Photo 2 Photo 1
. 3. Brakelight Switch Installation: This is a tight fit on the CRF230 – take your time and it’ll work. Drill a 1/8″ hole in the brake lever 4 ½” from the center of the brake pedal pivot point (Photo4). 4 Photo 5 Drill 1/8″ hole here Photo 4 Install the brake-switch bracket under the right case bolt directly above the oil filler cap (Photo 5). Attach the spring to the hole you drilled in the pedal. Adjust the switch in the bracket so it engages about halfway through the pedal throw. You may need to lengthen (stretch) the spring slightly to allow proper switch adjustment. Turn-Signal Switch Installation: Install the turn signal switch on the handlebar next to the grip as shown in Photo 6 . The switch has a single screw that pinches it together on one side. Two tabs secure the switch halves on the other side. Remove the screw to separate the halves so that it can be installed on the handlebar. When installing the switch to the handlebar, make sure the tabs are seated in their locating holes and then tighten the pinch screw. DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN THIS SCREW, as too much force can strip the body of the switch. The clutch perch may have to be moved inward slightly to make room for the switch. Run the wires along the bottom of the handle

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