2002-2003 Honda GL1800/ A Frame Weld REPAIR PROCEDURE OVERVIEW


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If your inspection identifies a crack or cracks in or on either Left or Right lower crossmember frame welds, STOP – call your DSM or TechLine for further instructions. • If your inspection reveals no cracks, proceed to REPAIR PROCEDURE. NOTE: Verification of repair can also be found in the Dealer Responsibility Report and on the Honda Interactive Network (iN). If you have any questions about verification, please contact TechLine before proceeding. IMPORTANT: For complete Dealer and Welder Repair procedures, refer to the following items: • 2002-2003 GL1800/A Frame Weld Safety Recall Dealer Booklet (S0510) • Frame Weld Inspection Chart (S0513) You MUST provide your TIG welder with the following items: • 2002-2003 GL1800/A Frame Weld Safety Recall Welding Manual (S0511) • Welding Template Box (S0512) All of the above items were shipped to you with this Service Bulletin. If you need additional copies of the Dealer Booklet , Welding Manual , Welding Template Box , or Frame Weld Inspection Chart , you may order them at no cost from DDS at (440) 572-0725. For your reference, a brief repair procedure overview is provided below. Disassembly Overview You will be removing the following components from the vehicle as instructed in the Dealer Booklet : • Handlebar weights • Rear view mirrors • Swingarm pivot covers • Rider foot pegs • Seat • Side covers/Engine side covers • Fairing pockets • Fairing molding • Meter panel • Top shelter • Battery • Fuel tank • Main wiring harness ground • Front lower fairing • Front exhaust pipe protector • Muffler/exhaust pipe • Antenna Whip(s) • Coolant reserve tank • Center stand NOTE: You will need to remove any accessories that may contact the ground during the Welding and Re-assembly procedures. IMPORTANT: You MUST cover the following with RED duct tape for welder identification pur- poses: • Negative (-) and positive (+) battery cables • Fuel return hose end • Fuel feed hose end • Main wiring harness ground • Alternator • Exhaust ports Welding Overview A qualified TIG welder will weld the frame following the procedures in the 2002-2003 GL1800/A Frame Weld Safety Recall Welding Manual . Re-assembly Overview You will be inspecting the new TIG welds, painting the frame, and re-assembling the vehicle as detailed in the Dealer Booklet and Frame Weld Inspection Chart (S0513)

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