GL 1200 CB TRANSCEIVER Installation Manual


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Remove the right and left side covers. Disconnect the battery negative cable from the battery negative terminal.
2) Remove the left fairing pocket Remove the Auto volume control unit. -1 Remove the CB blind cover from the fairing by removing the four 5 x 22 mm socket head bolts. (Fig. 2) Disconnect the three wire connectors of the auto volume unit. (Fig. 3) -2 Remove the two 4 x 12mm tapping screws and remove the knob and nut from the auto volume control unit. (Fig. 1) -3 Remove the bracket form the auto volume control unit. NOTE: Discard the CB blind cover, 4 x 22mm tapping screws, and bracket. 4) Remove the seat. 5) Remove the shelter NOTE: To remove the front of the shelter, it is necessary to remove the inner cover by lifting the rear of the cover. 6) Remove the two tapping screws attaching the left coupler cover and move the holder towards the center. 7) Remove the main amplifier. -1 Disconnect the main amplifier 2-P black connector. -2 Straighten the four wire clamps at the main amplifier to release the harnesses. -3 Remove the two nuts and washers holding the main amplifier; pull the amplifier out between the left fairing pocket and handlebar by pulling up on the bottom. 8) Connect the two DIN connectors if the transceiver harness (65) to the terminal component (62) color-to-color (Fig. 7). 9) Remove the seals from the terminal component mounts inside the fairing. Position the terminal component (62) on the mounts and install using cap nuts (69) and washers (72). NOTE: Use care when installing the terminal component (62) not to push in the audio harness, CB harness and terminal component harness into the fairing pocket

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