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Relocation of Regulator. Laying under the right side of the motorcycle, locate the voltage regulator. (finned aluminum box-approximately 3″x 4″) Note: See photo #1 – regulator already relocated. Remove the (2) 10 mm bolts attaching the regulator to the frame. Attach the bracket supplied to the regulator as shown. Using the original bolts, attach the regulator and bracket assembly to the frame as shown in photo #1 using the two 10 mm bolts supplied. Clamping Centerstand to Frame . Notice the centerstand is shipped with (2) white plastic washers. Note: See photo #2-A These are in place to overcome the spring tension or lock the stand in place and allow you to pivot the lower stand down partially to make installation easier. Pivot the upper stand about half way from the retracted to the extended (down) position. Note: This will require some force. If the stand will not stay in the position you can further tighten the two 9/16″ pivot nuts. Remove the bolts from the four band clamps. Wrap the (2) small clamps around the small upper frame tube and start the bolts so that the bolt will be at the bottom of the tube and the wrench head facing towards the rear of the motorcycle. Note: See photo #2. Center the stand on the frame from side to side so as to gain even clearance between the feet on the centerstand and the rear tire when the stand is in the retracted position. Holding the larger cradle up against the frame, tighten the (2) small clamps enough to hold the centerstand in place. Install one of the large clamps as shown in photo #3-A. Install the 2nd large clamp as shown in photo #2-C. Again retract the stand and check that the feet have even amounts of space from the side of the rear tire. Tighten the flour clamps securely 5-7 ft. lbs. Next remove the (2) 9/16″ pivot nuts and the white plastic washers as shown in photo #2-A. Re-install and tighten the 9/16″ pivot nuts securely 8-12 ft lbs. With the stand in the retracted position-adjust the stop bolt and lock nut, see photo #3-B, so that the stand is parallel with the ground and does not come in contact with any parts of the motorcycle. Using your new centerstand . To put the motorcycle up onto the centerstand, hold the left handle bar and saddlebag guard rail or grab under the bottom of the seat. Using the ball of your right foot, lower the stand to the ground. Rock the motorcycle from side to side slightly until you feel both feet of the stand touching the ground. Now put all of your weight onto the centerstand pedal (stand on it). Pull up and back on the grab rail or seat using a rocking motion to rock the motorcycle up onto the stand. Remember it is a matter of using your body weight and leverage not lifting!

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