Honda CBR 400RR Service and Repair Manual


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Once you have found al1 the identification nurnbers, record thern for reference when nbuying parts. Since the rnanufacturers change specifications, parts and vendors (cornpanies that rnanufacture various cornponents on the
rnachine), providing the ID nurnbers is the only av to be reasonablv sure that vou are buvina Model, c ~ d e and
production year CBR400RR-J (1988) CBR400RR-K (1 989) CBR400RR-L (t990 and 91) CBR400RR-N (1992 and 93) CBR400RR-R (1 994-on) , the correct parts. Whenever possible, take the worn pari to the dealer so direct cornparison with the new cornponent can be rnade. Along the trail frorn the rnanufacturer to the parts shelf, there are nurnerous places that the part can end up with the wrong nurnber or be listed incorrectly. The two places to purchase new parts for
your rnotorcycle – the accessory shop and the rnotorcycle dealer – differ in the type of parts they carry. While dealers can obtain virtually every part for your rnotorcycle, the accessory shop is usually lirnited to norrnal high wear iterns such as shock absorbers, tune-up parts, various engine gaskets, cables, chains, brake parts, etc. Rarely will an accessory outlet have rnajor suspension cornponents, cylinders, transrnission gears, or cases. Used parts can be obtained for roughly half the price of new ones, but you can’t always be sure of what you’re getting. Once again, take your worn part to the breaker for direct cornparison. Whetherhu~ng new, used or rebuilt parts, the best course is to dea1 directly with sorneone who specialises in parts for your particular rnake. Frame nwnber NC23-1020001 t0 1036454 NC23 t090001 t0 10981 16 NC29-1000001 to 101 0598 NC29-1050001 on NC29-l t00001 on Unofficial (grey) imports
All CBR400RR rnodels in the LIK are unofficial (grey) irnports frorn Japan. The rnajority are second-hand rnachines and are allocated age-related licence plates for UK use (the licence plate letter reflects the production year in Japan), although new CBRs are allocated current year UK registration letter plates. Cornrnon changes rnade prior to sale in the UK are the disabling of the rev-lirniter device (or more correctly ‘speed-lirniter’ device), which is fitted to cornply with Japanese rnarket regulations. The device is located inthe speedorneter head and is linked to th

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