Honda CRF/ TRX 450R Camshaft Installation


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Break-in of this camshaft is important and you should adhere to all of the following instructions. It is also very important to use plenty of engine assembly lubricant, recommended is Coastal Engine Assembly Lube or Clevite 77, both are available from most automotive supply companies. We recommend you change the engine oil before the initial start-up of the engine after the assembly. Then change the oil again after the break-in of the cams to remove the excess
phosphate from the coated cams. These steps will help ensure that the camshaft breaks-in properly and that you have a long lasting product. Using full synthetic engine oil during break-in is not recommended but, is OK to use after the one-hour break-in period is over. Following a regular maintenance schedule is the best way to ensure durability and performance over the long run. Cleanliness is always a good place to start. Make sure the motorcycle is cleaned thoroughly before you start. It would be advisable to use an engine degreaser on the frame and the engine. Remove the fuel tank and thoroughly clean the inside of the frame rails, around the carburetor, and behind the radiators. Be sure to remove the ignition coil assembly and using high-pressure air, clean the spark plug hole out before the plug is removed. This will ensure a clean engine during the assembly process and less of a chance of thread damage and/or dirt contamination in the engine during reassembly

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