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open the top and side compartments. Locate the two ignition coils and ballast resistor directly in front of the air cleaner intake. On some models it is best to remove the air cleaner for access to the coil area. Unplug the wires from the ballast resistor. Connect the power resistor supplied with the kit across (parallel with] the ballast resistor, and reconnect the wires to the tabs provided. The resistor will become very hot during operation. That is normal, and not destructive to the resistor, however, care should be taken to keep cables and wires from coming in contact with it. Locate the blinker relay just behind the fuse box in the left compartment. The white/green wire going to the relay carries 12 volts from the ignition switch. Using the splice connector provided, attach the separate red wire included in the kit to the white/green wire, as shown below. Do not strip the wires. On 197B and 1979 models, the 12 volts can be obtained at the accessory terminal in the left side compartment. y^T^^TL. PUSH CLIP DOWN RED WIRE SUPPLIED WITH KIT SWITCHED 12 VOLTS Remove the points cover and battery cover. Remove the 10 mm bolt holding the spark advance assembly to the engine. Remove the screws holding the points plate to the engine. Disconnect the blue/yellow
and yellow point wires where they plug into the wire harness and remove the entire point/plate assembly. Notice that there are two other wires connected where the points plugged in. These are wires going to the condensers mounted in front of the battery. Unplug both wires and tuck them back out of the way. Do not reconnect. | > Remove the spark advance assembly from the engine. Remove the point cam from the advance assembly. Coat the advance assembly shaft with oil. Place the OYNA S rotor on the shaft and while spreading the weights, push the rotor down until it engages the weights. Ensure that the rotor rotates freely on the shaft as the advance weights move out and back. Install the advance/rotor assembly on the engine making sure the pin on the camshaft is engaged in the slot on the advance assembly. Install the washer and bolt, and tighten. Ensure that the rotor is still free to rotate.

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