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INSTALLATION ■ Outline Procedures This section gives general information needed for mounting the individual radio components on and in the fairing. A) Fairing 1) Install radio on fairing before mounting fairing on motorcycle. (Remove fairing from your motorcycle when already mounted). 2) Remove fairing parts. 3) Drill unit mount holes. 4) Install six wire clips. 5) Install windshield on fairing before install- ing speakers. 6) Install radio indicator I on indicator panel II , then install indicator panel on fairing. 7) Install speakers III. 8) Install nutplate IV. 9) Install Power Amplifier in fairing. 10) Install radio funer VI. 11) Install the radio controller VII. 12) Install controller base panel VIII 13) Install radio switch sub-wire. 14) Connect adapter harness and wires inside fairing by working through left turn signal lens hole. B) Motorcycle frame and handlebar 1) Remove travel trunk and seat. Unscrew four shelter bolts (M6, one on each side at front and rear) to route antenna feeder. 2) Install antenna mount and antenna IX. 3) Route antenna feeder along the frame tube. 4) Install radio switch X on left handlebar lever bracket and route the wires. 3 of 11 Page 4 C) Fairing instllation 1) Install fairing on motorcycle. 2) Connect motorcycle wire harness 9-P coupler to fairing wire 9-P coupler. 3) Connect radio switch wire to switch sub- wire.4) Connect antenna feeder. 5) Confirm that radio operates properly. Reinstall parts removed in step 2 or (A) and in step 1 of (B). REWORKING ■ Remove Fairing and Fairing Parts (Fig.10) 1) Install radio on fairing before mounting fairing on motorcycle. (Remove fairing from your motorcycle when already mounted). 2) Remove right and left fairing pockets, right and left turn signal lenses, right and left nutplates, left hole cover and indi- cator base panel from fairing. (Fig.10) Fig. 10 LEI-1 NU I PLATE 4 of 11■ Reworking on Fairing — Speaker mounting holes- 1) Remove 18 mm grommet. 2) Lightly roll template so that it will follow contour of fairing snugly. 3) Position template on fairing with its upper and outer edges aligned with those offairing as indicated by arrows. 4) Attach template to fairing using adhesive tape where shown. 5) Punch mark centers of four holes with a
drift and hammer. 6) Drill 6 mm holes through marked centers. To obtain a more balanced response with richer, deeper bases, drill two 50 mm holes in the fairing so as to link the speaker box with the inside of the fairing. Fig. 11-1
—Power amplifier mounting holes- 7) Drill two 5.5 mm holes through concaves in fairing. Fig. 11-2 RIGHT HAND SHOWN, LEFT SIMILAR ADHESIVE TAPE

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