HONDA GL1500CD/ VALKYRIE Specifications


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position when it comes to the environment. We continue to develop low-emission technologies for our current and future motorcycles, ATVs, scooters and personal watercraft. We already produce models that exceed the stringent 2008 CARB emissions requirements years ahead of schedule. And that’s the kind of performance everybody can appreciate. BE A RESPONSIBLE RIDER. Riding a motorcycle is an exercise in responsibility—to yourself, to others, to the environment and to the sport. So remember, wear a helmet, eye protection and protective clothing whenever you ride. Never ride under the influence of drugs or alcohol, and never use the street as a racetrack. Inspect your motorcycle before riding, read your owner’s manual, and see your local Honda Dealer concerning reimbursement through the Honda Rider’s Club of America™for Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) rider training.* Always obey local laws, use common sense, and respect the rights of others when you ride. Make sure you have a proper license when riding on public roads, and never modify your motorcycle’s exhaust system. 03 SPECIFICATIONS ACCESSORIES VALKYRIE Log on to our website at for more information about Honda Genuine Accessories . On a bike like the Valkyrie, you can never have too much chrome. And that’s precisely why we offer our Chrome Sidecovers and Chrome Swingarm-Pivot cover to help really brighten up these areas. Here’s one of our most popular Valkyrie accessory options. These Leather Saddlebags look great, hold plenty, and match some of the other leather accessories we have available. Got a long trip planned, or is winter right around the corner? Then make sure you take a look at-or should we say take a look through-a Honda Genuine Accessories Windshield for your new Valkyrie. GL1500CD 1520cc liquid-cooled horizontally opposed six-cylinder with belt-driven overhead camshafts Six 28mm constant-velocity carburetors 71.0 x 64.0mm Solid-state digital Five-speed constant-mesh Shaft 150/80R-17 radial 180/70R-16 radial Dual-disc with twin-piston calipers 28.9 inches 66.5 inches 5.3 gallons, including 1.1 gallon reserve 681 pounds Black Windshield, leather saddlebags, chrome exhaust tips, chrome rear carrier, CB transceiver kit, passenger CB talk switch, studded backrest pad, studded main seat, studded rear seat, deluxe backrest pad

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