Honda Goldwing GL1800 Independent Rear Suspension Installation Manual


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Removal of Original Parts Most tasks necessary in this guide can be accomplished with the vehicle on its center stand. Secure the center stand to one of the forward crash bars with a ratchet strap to keep vehicle from rolling forward and off the center stand. Be sure that the vehicle is laterally stable as well. Remove the following from the vehicle. See OEM manual for detailed instructions. Items to be retained for return of deposit or re-installation after modification shall be duly noted. □ Seat (to be re-installed without modification) □ Left and right side covers (to be re-installed without modification) □ Battery and battery box (to be re-installed without modification) □ Left and right saddle bags □ Remove taillight and locking assemblies from saddlebags (to be returned for refund of deposit) □ Trunk (to be re-installed without modification) □ Left and right passenger foot rests (to be re-installed without modification) □ Left and right foot rest under covers (to be modified and re-installed) □ Left and right rear crash bars □ Saddle bag trunk stay (to be modified and re-installed) □ Left and right mufflers (Mufflers only, do not remove decorative covers) . Retain OEM muffler rubber mounting bushings and flanged spacers for re-installation of the mufflers. □ Rear wheel □ Left and right pivot bolt covers (to be re-installed without modification) □ Reverse resistor (to be relocated) □ Swing Arm and Driveshaft IMPORTANT : Carry out brake system modifications (See Section 5) prior to removing Swing Arm. Evacuating all the brake fluid from the system will prevent brake fluid spills when the OEM swing arm is removed. Note : Upper bolt of mono shock can be removed without removing the fuel tank. □ Rear Shock and Hydraulics. Unscrew angle sensor from OEM shock and secure to frame with cable tie. □ Shock arm and shock link Note : You may need to cut out the bolt that attaches the shock link to the frame Brake System Modification Note : Modification to the vehicle brake system should be carried out prior to removal of the swing arm . 5.1 Explanation of OEM brake system and changes From the manufacturer, your Honda Gold Wing brake system utilizes both front and rear brakes when the foot brake is applied. In order to insure safe operation of your Gold Wing when converted to a Champion Trike, the brake system must be modified to isolate the front and rear brake systems from each other. Once modification is complete, four of the six pistons in the front calipers operate only when the hand brake lever is applied. The rear brakes operate only when the foot brake pedal is applied. The diagrams below outline the difference between the GL1800 OEM brake system and the system as modified by the Champion Trike Conversion Kit.

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