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Cut-off the saddlebag support tubes where the vertical tube meets the angled tube in the front and back. All you want left is the tour pack support. Loosen tour pack support at bottom bolts, remove top bolts, and then lift up a little. This allows the body to go under the support. If you have the fuel tank: Secure the two black control boxes, facing each other, one on top of the other. Secure to frame using the green ground wire hole at center of frame. Use the 2 ¼”
spacer tube and long screw provided to hold them together. If no fuel tank: leave rear half of fender in place Install machined studs in the swing arm pivot hole with some blue Locktite on them. This provides a 5/8” stud on the side of the frame for the suspension side plates. Screw in until flush with frame. Remove the 6mm bolts from the exhaust heat shield on the outside of the frame rail. nInstall the shock replacement bars on the top shock stud and re-install bolts, leave bars hanging loose for now. Install air-compressor relocation bracket (1 ½” x 4″ w/ 3 holes) and remount compressor. After
mounting, secure the compressor to the bracket with a wire tie.

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