HONDA TRX 400EX Removing Stock Carb and Cables INSTRUCTION


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Remove seat/fender assembly and fuel tank. 2. Remove throttle cables paying close attention to routing. 3. Remove thumb throttle housing if you are installing a twist throttle. 4. Remove air box and air box intake tube. 5. Remove stock carburetor. 6. Stuff a clean rag into intake manifold to keep debris from entering engine. Preparing machine for carburetor installation 1 . Route the provided throttle cables per manufacturer’s recommended procedure, routing them the same as the stock cables. 2 . Remove the rubber alignment tabs from the manifold using a razor blade or cutters. Be very careful not to damage the intake manifold! 3. Remove air box intake tube from the air box and use a hacksaw to cut approx. 1½” off of the air box intake tube. Your tube should resemble the one shown in Figure 1. Re-assemble the air intake tube into air box and install back onto bike. Don’t forget to tighten clamp around intake tube and reinsert crank vent into the air boot. Figure 1. Thumb Throttle Attach cable into cable wheel with the cable end at the 8: 00 position of the cable wheel, then into bracket. Secure by replacing the cable bracket end and phillips screw. See Figure 2. Figure 2. Twist Throttle 1. Install the pull (see figure 4 for cable identification) , cable end into the 8: 00 position and the idle cable end into the 11: 00 position on the cable wheel. See Figure 3

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