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Push tube/ Swivel/ Blade Assembly Instructions 1. Install the blade swivel (15) onto the front of the push tube (14) using the 1/2″ shoulder bolt (4), two 1/2″ washers (5), and a 3/8″ Nylock nut (3) from the bolt bag per diagram #1. Make sure the flat washers seat properly on the bottom of the shoulder bolt while tightening the nut. Make sure the blade turns freely. 2. Remove the 2 bottom flanged nuts (I) from the u-bolt (D) and 2 from the 3/8″ bolts (H) on the blade position pin assembly (23). Run the 2 top flanged nuts up the threads of the u-bolt. Place the blade position pin assembly on the push tube as shown in the Diagram, sliding the blade position pin through one of the oval holes on the swivel and through the rear blade position pin support bracket on the push tube. 3. Re-install the u-bolt and 3/8″ bolts and flanged nuts per the Diagram. On the u-bolt, thread the bottom nuts up until they are flush with the bottom of the threads then run the top ones down, making sure the bottom nuts remain flush with the bottom of the u-bolt. Tighten all 4 bottom nuts. 4. Remove the two shoulder bolts (18) from the pivot point brackets on the back of the blade (1). Attach the blade to the swivel by sliding the ears on each side of the swivel into the pivot point brackets on the blade, reinstall the two shoulder bolts and Nylock nut (3) and tighten. 5. Hook the blade springs (6) to the two round holes on either side of the 5 oval holes on the swivel. Hook the eyebolts through the other end of the springs, push the eyebolts through the spring attaching points on the back of the blade and install 3/8″ Nylock nuts (3). Spring tension may be increased by tightening both Nylock nuts on the eyebolts evenly. 6. Install the blade stops (16) with the two 3/8″ x 1″ bolts (17) and 3/8″ nuts (3) per the Diagram. Rotating the stops allows you to change the blade pitch to suit changing conditions or materials

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