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1. Remove the parts supplied from the package and lay them out in front of you. Remove the screws from the mounts and clamps. See photo (1), notice that the two clamp halves (1A) and the two arms (1B) are the same. Notice that the two mounts (1C) are different and are machined at opposite angles. The mounts (1C) can be installed facing forward to the front of the bike as shown in photo (1) or facing to the rear of the bike as shown in photo (2) depending on how far forward you want the pegs to be located. 2. Starting on the right side choose which way you want the mount to face. Hold one of the mounts up against the frame tube. Hold one of the arms up against the mount where it bolts together. The arm should be horizontal or level when the bike is sitting up straight. If not use the mount with the opposite angle. Next while still holding the mount in place at the desired location place one of the clamps behind the mount and start the screws. Snug the screws only leaving them loose enough to make further adjustments later. Next Bolt one of the pegs loosely to the arm as shown in photo (2). Notice that there are eight dowel pin holes on the mount and seven on the back side of the arm allowing 56 possible angles or positions for the arm to be set at. Holding the arm/peg assembly up to the mount select the desired position for the arm and place one of the dowel pins supplied into the nearest set of holes on the mount and arm. Bolt the arm/peg assembly to the mount using one of the large button head Allen screws and a washer provided. Once you have the arm close to where you want it you can make fine adjustments by removing the large Allen screw, removing the arm and moving the dowel pin to the next hole in the mount. Moving the pin clockwise one hole will rotate the arm in the opposite direction approximately ½”. Likewise moving the pin counter clockwise will rotate the arm in the opposite direction. 3. Repeat this procedure on the left side. Sit on the bike. Place your feet on the highway pegs and verify that you have them set at the most comfortable position for you and that they are set the same on both sides. Tighten all bolts and screws securely

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