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The saddlebag supports are hinged 3 so they can adjust to any variance in your motorcycle’s fender strut bolt locations. The supports have a one-inch offset 4 that angles the supports outward so they space the bags away from the motorcycle’s chassis components, wheels, brakes, and moving parts. Before removing or changing any hardware, hold the supports next to the motorcycle to familiarize yourself with how they will be installed. Remove the original fender mounting bolts from one side of the fender strut and temporarily mount one support with a 10mm bolt, a plastic and steel spacer, and two washers into the front fender stay bolt hole. Then insert an 8mm bolt, a plastic and steel spacer, and two washers into the rear fender stay bolt hole. Verify that each bolt is the proper length. IMPORTANT: The VT1100 Shadow Classic, Aero, or Sabre models have 10mm (front) and 8mm (rear) threaded holes in the fender strut. Use care to not insert the wrong size mounting bolt in the strut. When installing a bolt into the fender strut, check to be sure that it does not extend inside the fender further than the original fasteners. If it does, the excess length of the bolt must be cut off, or exchanged for a shorter bolt you obtain from the hardware store or a motorcycle shop. After verifying the mounting bolts are the proper length, remove the support from the motorcycle’s fender strut. Install a grommet in each of the large holes 5 on the back side of each saddlebag. Then insert a plastic spacer 6 in each of the grommets TIP: Use soapy water to lubricate the grommets so they will slip into the holes in the bag. The vehicle images in this instruction set may be different than your motorcycle. Continued on next page… 3 Lay a support 7 (with the joint towards the rear of the bag) on the back of a bag. Temporarily put the mounting bolts 8 through the support’s holes and into the plas- tic spacers in the grommets. Place one of the support clips 9 over the center of the lower portion of the support, so the two holes in the clip align with the predrilled holes in the bag. Use the 3/16” screws and nuts from the hardware kit to attach the support clip to the backup plate inside the bag. Place the nuts on the outside of the bag. Do not over- tighten the hardware, as this may cause damage to the saddlebag. Remove the mounting bolts from the support and the plastic spacers

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