HONDA VTX 1300 AND 1800 TRIKE CONVERSION KIT Owner's Maintenance Notes


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1. Tire Pressure and Rotation : Keep the nominal tire pressure at about 20-25 psi. It is not necessary to periodically rotate the trike tires unless you experience unusual tire wear. 2. Bearing Lubrication . Your Swing Arm and wheel bearings are sealed and do not require greasing. However, should you experience unusual wheel bearing noise you should take your trike to a Champion Trike Dealer or to your motorcycle mechanic for a checkup. 3. Body Lubrication . There are no grease fittings on the trike body and no required body lubrication points. 4. Rear end lubrication . Your differential comes filled with 1 quart of SAE 85W140 API GL-6 gear oil. You should not have to top-off the differential unless you experience axle seal or pinion seal leaks. Check the oil level every 10,000 miles, or sooner if you experience leaks, and refill as necessary. Do not fill higher than the fill-hole. Change the differential oil every 30,000 – 35,000 miles. 5. Brakes . Check your front and rear brake system fluid levels every 3,000 miles and top-off as necessary. Inspect brake pads every 10,000 miles and replace as necessary. Pads are Volkswagen Part # D101P. 6. Drive Train . If your driveshaft U-joint and/or spline are fitted with grease fittings, pump the fittings with wheel- bearing, graphite or high-pressure grease every 3000 to 5,000 miles. If yours does not have grease fittings then lubrication is not required. 7. Suspension System : The suspension system is designed to give you the best ride with a load of no more than 500 pounds (passengers plus cargo plus trailer tongue weight)

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