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1 .Lay a blanket folded several times over the fuel tank to protect it. 2. Notice on the 1800 models that there is a small punch mark on the handlebars located on the right hand, front side of the handlebars where the risers meet the top clamp/speedometer housing. This is to reference the handlebar position when re-assembling. On the 1300 models there is a punch mark on the forward facing side of the clamp, these must be installed the same way. 3. Loosen the two 19mm nuts holding the risers to the upper triple clamp (steering head). 4. Pry out the four chrome caps covering the handlebar bolts. Remove the four handlebar clamp bolts. (6mm allen wrench). While sitting on the motorcycle, pull the handlebars and upper clamp off of the risers. They may be slightly stuck and require some force to get free. Lay the handlebar and/or upper clamp/gauge assembly carefully on the blanket. 5. Remove the 19mm nuts and the risers from the triple clamp. NOTE: Be careful not to scratch the upper triple clamp when installing the new risers. Place the thin flat washers provided into the recess at the top of the riser bolt holes on the triple clamp. Assemble the lock washers provided and then the original flat washers onto the bolts provided. Install the new risers onto the triple clamp and snug the bolts. 6. Re-install the handlebars and upper clamp/gauge assembly. ( Remember the punch marks) Tighten the front bolts first closing the gap at the front, and then tighten the rear bolts. Tighten the two 19mm riser-mounting bolts securely. Check for adequate clearance and proper routing of cables and hoses.

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