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Remove the front Plastic Bumper Guard. Remove the U-Bolts from the Winch Mount Plate and place the Winch Mount Plate on top of the horizontal bumper support tubes as shown in picture below. The U-Bolts will be placed around the tubes and up through the plate and are secured with Nylock Nuts. Tighten Fully. (Pictured Below). Mount the Winch to the underside of the Winch Mount Plate using the mount holes in the plate and the provided bolts. Tighten hardware at this time. 3. Using the two 5/16” x 1” bolts supplied with kit, mount the Winch to the Winch Mount Plate. Be sure that when the Winch is mounted to the ATV, the Winch Motor is on the RIGHT side of the machine. 4. Place the front Plastic Bumper Guard back onto the ATV, place the Roller Hawse Mount Bracket against the front Plastic Bumper Guard using the 7/8” Steel Bushings as spacers. Attach using the 6 x 30mm Bolts and Flat Washers. See picture on next page 5. String the Cable through the hole in the Hawse Mount Bracket. Remove one of the long rollers and the two side rollers of the Roller Hawse and feed the winch cable through the Roller Hawse. Reinstall the rollers and be sure rollers move freely.

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