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Speed Sensor Requirement Identification Certain motorcycles are not equipped with a port that will accept a Transmission Speed Sensor. Those models will require a Rear Wheel Speed Sensor. To determine which sensor is required, follow the following procedure: Determine if you have a mechanical speedometer 1. The mechanical speedometer is around 2 ¼” in diameter. 2. On the axle on the left side of the front wheel, there will be a 2″ diameter ‘donut like’ part that the axle passes through. This is the speedometer drive. Attached to the speedometer drive and extending back and up under the fuel tank will be a housed cable. This is the speedometer drive and cable to drive the mechanical speedometer. 3. If these conditions are true, you have a mechanical speedometer. Determine which speedometer drive sensor you need. You must determine if your transmission will accept the transmission sensor. If not, you will need the rear axle sensor. 1. On the top, right, rear of the transmission, will be a 1″ by 1/2″ (approximately) cover held in by one bolt. 2. If you find this then REMOVE the bolt and over. 3. If after removal of the cover you find a larger hole underneath, then you can use the transmission sensor. Figure 1—Transmission Sensor Port (Inset Shows Cover Removed) 4. If you have no cover, or under the cover is not a hole, then you need the rear axle sensor. Be sure to look closely and under the gasket under the cover. 5. If you have no sensor hole, then you need to make sure you have the rear wheel sensor. Contact Thunder Heart Performance if you need to exchange your sensor for a different one. 1.3 Preparation and Painting of the Console Your console is made of Lexan®, which is a clear, durable plastic. It can be painted on the inside (so that outside scratches will not affect the paint), or on the outside. For the best paint results, thoroughly clean the console only with the following cleaners

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