Indian Vintage Engine Guards Installation Instructions


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1Place the jack under the motorcycle and raise the rear wheel. Motorcycles with an IMC Lowering Kit should remove the upper shock bolt. This lowers the swingarm allowing better access to the lower footpeg/rear guard bolt. 2Using a 3/16″ allen wrench, remove 5 screws securing the center fairing and remove both halves of the fairing. 3Using a 1/4″ allen wrench remove the screw securing the forward saddlebag mounting bracket. 4 Locate the spacer from the kit (62-239) and fit between the frame and the saddlebag mounting bracket. 5 Clean the threads of the removed screw, apply Blue Loctite 242 to the first 4 threads and refit. Tighten to 29 foot-pounds. Motorcycles without Passenger Foot-pegs 6Remove the plastic caps covering the foot-peg mounting holes on both sides of the frame. 7 IMCRW0195 3 Motorcycles with Passenger Foot-pegs 7From inside the frame and using a ratchet with 3/8″ hex bit and 18″ extension, remove the passenger foot-peg bolts. Discard the allen bolt (see previous page for photo). Left Hand Engine Guard 8Fit the rubber bushing/damper (62-241) to the mounting on the saddlebag bracket. Position the split in the rubber at the bottom. 9Position the LH engine guard (62-235) on the left side of the motorcycle, locating the upper bracket over the rubber bushing/damper on the middle saddlebag mounting bracket. CAUTION: Ensure the split in the rubber bushing/damper is positioned at the bottom when locating the upper bracket

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