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1. install the copper gasket from the Akrapovic kit in the groove in the CNC ALU flange (Figure 4) 2. correctly orient the muffler and place it near the link pipe/header assembly (Figure 5) 3. when the muffler and the link pipe are together, attach using the titanium bolts from the Akrapovic kit. Coat each bolt individually with bolt sealant before installing. (Figure 6) Tighten the bolts only hand tight – do not fully tighten! (Figure 7) 4. correctly position the carbon-fiber clamp and slide it onto the muffler – bear in mind the left offset of the carbon-fiber clamp viewed from the rear (Figure 8). WARNING: open the clamp to slightly wider than the diameter of the outer sleeve of the muffler – do not scrape it along the muffler outer sleeve! (Figure 9) 5. tighten the carbon-fiber clamp onto the stock bracket on the frame – use the stock bolts or the replacements from the Akrapovic kit, if supplied (Figure 10) 6. make sure that the BOLT-ON system is not touching any other parts of the motorcycle ! 7. example of the correct position of the installed Akrapovic BOLT-ON system (Figure 11) final installation: 1. Tighten the titanium bolts on the CNC ALU flange at the muffler – link pipe connection and also tighten the bolts on all of the brackets and clamps to which the exhaust system and the other dismounted parts of the motorcycle are attached 2. clean grease spots: a. muffler – titanium outer sleeve: use a soft cloth sprayed with a multi-purpose spray lubricant (WD-40 or equivalent) b. muffler – carbon-fiber outer sleeve: use a soft dry cloth Cleaning will prevent spots from burning onto the surface. Do not use aggressive chemical cleaners, because they can damage the sticker. 3. Check the operation of the brakes and suspension. Make sure all the bolts are sufficiently tightened. In case the exhaust system touches the cowling or other parts repeat the adjustment of the exhaust system or contact your authorized dealer.

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