1999-2004 Kawasaki 1500 Drifter Power Commander Installation Instructions


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1 Remove the seat. 2 Remove the left side cover. 3 Remove the speedometer assembly. 4 Unbolt the fuel tank. NOTE: It is not necessary to remove the fuel tank. It does however make the installation easier. If you do remove the tank, pay attention to the vent hose routing. Pressing the tabs on the black fuel line connector will allow the fuel line to be disconnected (Fig. A) 5 Remove the battery/ECU hold down bracket (Fig. B). 6 Unbolt and move the bank angle (tip over) sensor out of the way (Fig. C). Fig. A Fig. B Fig. C i201-411 www.powercommander.com 1999-2004 Kawasaki 1500 Drifter – PCIII USB – 2 Bank angle sensor (tip over switch) Remove these 2 bolts 7 Loosen the bolts holding the plastic tray on the left side of the bike (under the left side cover) (Fig. D). 8 Route the wire from the PCIII behind the plastic tray and under the frame side rail (Fig. E). 9 Retighten the bolts holding the plastic tray. 10 Continue routing the wires from the PCIII under the frame near the lower fuel tank mount and go up to the throttle body area (Fig. F). Fig. D Fig. E Fig F i201-411 www.powercommander.com 1999-2004 Kawasaki 1500 Drifter – PCIII USB – 3 Route PCIII harness between plastic tray and frame Route wires under frame Loosen these bolts 11 Disconnect the injector connector from the rear injector (Fig. H). 12 Plug the female PCIII connector with ORANGE/WHITE wire onto the rear injector (Fig. H). 13 Connect the male PCIII connector with ORANGE wire onto the stock injector connector (Fig. H). 14 Repeat steps 11 thru 13 for front injector using the PCIII connectors with the YELLOWcolored wires. 15 Locate the wires coming from the throttle position sensor. (Fig. H). The throttle position sensor is located on the right hand side of the throttle body. It is between the frame and engine

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