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1. Remove the two 8mm bolts that attach the front bumper assembly to the ATV frame see figure 3. 2. Place Winch mounting plate (A1) into position and fasten the two bent down tabs to the ATV frame using the two 8mm bolts removed in step one, see figure 4, and figure 5. Do not tighten fully at this time. 3. Attach the front of the mounting plate using four 1/4-20 u- bolts (B1), eight lock washers (B2), and eight 1/4-20 hex nuts (B3), see figure 6. 4. Tighten all fastners for the mounting kit at this time. 5. Place winch into position behind the mounting plate. Attach the top two feet of the winch using two 5/16-18 hex cap screws and lock washer. These fasteners will be found in the hardware kit that came with the winch. Note: The winch has floating nuts in its feet. In some instances, a nut may be moved off to one side making it impossible to screw a bolt in. If this becomes the case, take a screwdriver and center the floating nut in the winch to the bolt hole opening. Now attach the bolt through the Winch Plate and into the winch. 6. If using a Cast Hawse Fairlead: It may be neccasary to remove the cast hawse fairlead from the fairlead mounting plate that came with the winch.

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