2004 Kawasaki ZX10R Power Commander Installation Instructions


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Remove the main seat and the passenger seat 2. Remove the tail cover by removing the two bolts. 3 Place the Power Commander in the tail section and route the wiring harness on the inside of the tail section towards the front of the bike (Fig. A). 4. Remove the fuel tank. 5. Remove the air box lid by removing the 8 screws around the outer edge (Fig. B). 6. Remove the bolts shown in Fig. C. This will allow you to remove the air box. Fig. A Fig. B Fig. C i212-411 2004-2005 Kawasaki ZX10R – PCIII USB – 2 i212-411 www.powercommander.com Remove these bolts Remove screws Remove bolts 7. Locate the Throttle Position Sensor connector. This connector is located above the left hand side of the engine. This is a white 3 pin connector. Unplug this connector (Fig. D). 8. Plug the white connectors from the PCIII in-line of the stock TPS connector (Fig. E). 9. Locate the fuel rail connector behind the injector bodies (Fig. F). This connector is brown in color

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