2006 KAWASAKI KX250F Service Manual


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Gasket, Oring Hardening, shrinkage, or damage of both gaskets andO-rings after disassembly can reduce sealing performance. Remove old gaskets and clean the sealing surfaces thoroughly so that no gasket material or other material remains. Install new gaskets and replace used O-ringswhenre-assembling Liquid Gasket, Locking Agent For applications that require Liquid Gasket ora Locking agent, clean the surfaces so that no oil residue remains before applying liquid gasket or locking agent. Do not apply them excessively. Excessive application can clog oil passages and cause serious damage. Press For items such as bearings or oil seals that must be pressed into place, apply small amount of oil to the contact area. Be sure to maintain proper alignment and use smooth movements when installing. GENERAL INFORMATION 1-5 Before Servicing Ball Bearingand Needle Bearing Do not remove pressed ball or needle unless removal is absolutely necessary. Replace with new ones whenever removed. Press bearings with the manufacturer and size marks facing out. Press the bearing into place by putting pressure on the correct bearing race as shown. Pressing the incorrect race can cause pressure between the inner and outer race and result in bearing damage. Oil Seal, Grease Seal Do not remove pressed oil or grease seals unless removal is necessary. Replace with new ones whenever removed. Press new oil seals with manufacture and size marks facing out. Make sure the seal is aligned properly when installing. Apply specified grease to the lip of seal before installing the seal.

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