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Step 1: Identify the key components that complete our GP kit: You should have 3-line (front kit) , 3 SINGLE banjo bolt and 1 C-CLIP. There are also a total of 8 washers. 6 will be used, and 2 are spares. We strongly suggest having a professional mechanic install these brake lines, all other installations will VOID the warranty . Inspect your brake system after every race. Step 2: Cover the complete front end of the bike so that if any brake fluid does spill the paint will not be damaged, brake fluid will spill, there is no question!! Step 3: Uninstall stock hoses; be aware of how the stock system was routed in case you need to re-install it. Step 4: Install the GALFER GP 3-Line starting with the master cylinder line (top line). Torque level is 12 to 13 ft pounds. (See picture A2) Step 5: Install the C-CLIP provided to the lower triple tee left line needs to be held by c-clip [see picture A4] . Lower lines will travel in front of the forks to the calipers; three single banjo bolt (see picture A1) are included for master cylinder to each caliper. The positioning sequence on the master cylinder is as follows: Master cylinder, washer, 40-degree banjo (Top line), and washer. Single banjo bolt torque level is 12 FT Pounds. ( See picture A2 for positioning) Make sure that the [ CALIPER fittings ] on each caliper are positioned [ positioning ] (see picture A5- A6) . Thread banjo bolt into the caliper, and torque bolt to 12 to 13 Ft pounds. Before you proceed to the next step, please check for clearance of the lines. Compress the front end to make sure that the lines are not binding with anything. When the front end is fully extended or fully compressed, double check that the lines are traveling correctly and are clear of any obstructions. Once the lines have been checked for clearance.

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