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quality, engine performance improvements and modern Hexagonal muffler design they satisfy the requirements of all riders. The systems are designed for two markets; in the US they are available with an approved spark arrester, and for the EU and other non-US markets they come with a noise damper. New for 2008 is additional chamber that helps to reduce noise emission and provides better power and torque at low rpm range. PERFORMANCE Measurements of the Akrapovic EVOLUTION system on the KAWASAKI KX 250 F (with muffler insert): Power & Torque: The Akrapovic Evolution and Racing systems deliver a performance increase throughout nearly the entire rpm range. It is most pronounced in the bottom and the top of the range. The systems deliver increased torque similar to the power increase. Max. increased power of 0.7 HP was measured at 12260 rpm, while max. power of 34.6 HP was measured at 11400 rpm. CONFIGURATION Akrapovic Racing and Evolution systems are of a recognised Hexagonal off-road form. They differ only in terms of the material of the pipe: we use stainless steel for Racing and titanium for Evolution. The header tube is conical, made from stainless steel (Racing) or titanium (Evolution) with additional chamber. It is jointed with a conical SS/titanium link pipe by a sleeve joint, which is secured with a silicon-shielded spring. The link pipe is welded to the muffler. The inlet cap, due to the method of connection with the link pipe, is made from stainless steel (Racing) or titanium (Evolution), same for the internal perforation. The outlet cap is made of carbon-fiber for evolution and composite polymer for Racing system. The outer sleeve of the muffler is available either made from titanium or carbon fiber. The system is attached to the motorcycle with the Akrapovic carbon fiber clamp. The Akrapovic carbon fiber heat shield is also intended for this system. The system comes with a built-in noise damper for the European and other markets, and an approved spark arrester for the American market, which is marked with a laser engraving.

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