2009 Kawasaki Voyager Heated Grips Installation Manual


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Remove the Factory Grips Before removing the factory grips, the”chromed plastic”grip end caps need to be removed. The chromed plastic ends are threaded on, but have”left hand”threads, which means to unscrew you need to turn them clockwise. (The opposite way that you would normally unscrew something) To do that I recommend using, either a rubber strap wrench, ora sheet of thin rubber used as you would to loosen the lid of ajar. Once Ihadtheend caps off, I used a sharp utility knife to cut through, and peel off the factory rubber grips. (They are only about 1/8″thicksoit’seasytodo.) With the rubber grips off, I removed the chromed ring that is adjacent to the left switch housing. The left ring will come off, witha gentle pull, but the throttle side ring will need to be cutoff, as it’s pressed on. It’seasytodo; I cut it off using wire side cutters (see picture on page 3 below). 2 Factory left and right Grips After removing the chromed end cap, and the factory rubber grips. The chromed plastic ring next to the switch housing needs to be cut off. Note all the ridges on the sleeve, all these except one ridge need to be filed off. 1. Prepare left handlebar for grip installation The left handlebar is pretty easy to prepare, first I cleaned any glue from the bar, and then gently test fit the left grip, be very careful here as it needs to slide on easily. Asper the instructions, ” Do not force the grip on with anything greater than gentle hand force “. Remember after the test fit you need to take it off again. (You could also crack the heated grip if it’stootight). If you find it too tight, as I did sand the bar using sandpaper until it slides on and off easily. On my bike I used an 80 grit sandpaper, and it took approx 20 minutes to geta good fit

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