Kawasaki 900 / 1100 Engine Removal and Installation


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1.1 (Above) Remove the two retaining straps, disconnect the battery and remove it from the hull. Disconnect the negative (black) cable first, then the positive (red). Step 2 Intake Removal 2.1 (Below) Remove the eight 10mm bolts securing the flame arrestor cover to the base and remove it. 2.2 (Below) Pull out the flame arrestor screens. 2.3 (Below) Remove the six 10mm bolts securing the flame arrestor base and carbs to the manifold and remove the base. 2.4 (Below) Loosen the gas tank cap to relieve pressure. Be sure the fuel switch is turned to the “OFF” position, and be aware of any fuel that may spill from the hoses. Make sure the hull is clear of any gasoline fumes before continuing work, especially with power tools. Remove the pulse lines from the block, and the three oil lines from the carbs. Move the carbs aside in the hull. 2.5 (Below) Remove the 18 10mm nuts from the studs securing the intake manifold to the engine and remove the manifold

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