Kawasaki KFX 400 SR4 4 Stroke racing system INSTALLATION MANUAL


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Installation Motoworks exhaust 1. Install Motoworks tailpipe with muffler using bolt supplied in kit. (Fig 3) 2. Tighten tailpipe mounting bolt. 3. RECHECK ALL YOUR WORK 4. We recommend that you clean the entire exhaust system with a mild detergent, i. e. glass cleaner prior to starting as any oily residue may cause permanent staining. 5. Before operating check for proper clearance between Motoworks exhaust and ATV i. e. frame, plastic, brake line, fuel line etc. if problems exist, recheck work. Note: It is normal for the new exhaust to emit white smoke the first time you start the ATV. This is from the oil used during manufacturing.

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