Kawasaki Mule 610 Windshield Installation And Operations Manual


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Seizmik Hybrid Roof Frame Kit Contents: A. Windshield Mount Top Brackets and Hardware (2) B. Windshield Clamps and Hardware (2) (not shown) C. Windshield (1) (not shown) A B C D E F G H I J K L M Note: All hardware and brackets may not be shown in this view. Windshield Top Mount Hardware Includes: A. M6x22mm Socket Head Bolts (4) B. M6x12mm Socket Head Bolts (4) C. M8 Standard Flat Washers (4) D. Compression Sleve (2) E. M8x18mm Socket Head Bolt (2) F. Windshield Stay Assembly (2) G. 1.875″ Bar Clamp Half (4) H. Windshield bracket (2) I. Windshield clamp plate (2) J. Windshield clamp gasket (4) K. M6x25mm hex head bolt (4) L. M6 flat washer (8) M. M6 hex lock nut (4) Windsheild Lower Clamp Hardware (not shown) Includes: A. M6 x 40mm Zinc Coated Hex Head Bolt (2) B. M6 Standard Flat Washer (4) C. M6 Zinc Coated Nut (2) D. M6 Wide Flange Nut (2) E. 2″ Tube Clamp (2) F. 2″ Rubber Grip Strip (2) 3 Installation Instructions: Use the passenger side clamp to ensure proper positioning. The clamp should be positioned as shown. The driver’s side clamp should be even with the passenger’s side

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