Kawasaki Mule 610 Without coil springs Installation


Filed Under (Kawasaki) by admin on 25-10-2010

1.)Begin by loosening the lug nuts on both front tires. Raise the unit, using a suitable lifting device or procedure, until the front tires are off the ground. If using a floor jack with stands, chock the rear wheels to prevent the unit from rolling. If using jack stands, make sure the stands are placed under the frame and not the body. Make sure the unit is stable and secure . 2.)Remove the tires / wheels. NOTE: Now is a good time to check the threads on the lug studs. Check for rust, pulled threads or other deterioration that could cause a stud/thread failure. 3.) The first thing to do is remove the front cowl and trunk on the bike. You can accomplish this by removing all the bolts (screws) around the perimeter of the cowl and removing some plastic “snap rivets”. To remove the rivets simply pull the center section up and then the rest will follow. 4.)Place a floor jack, or other suitable device, beneath the left side lower control arm. This is to prevent damage to the tie rod or slip yoke boot while disassembling the lower control arm and strut. Using a 14mm socket, remove the two retaining nuts and lock washers on the top of the struts. 5.)Leaning the strut forward toward the headlamp buckets will put the strut in position to allow you to reach over the top and place the strut spacer in place. Install the strut spacer on top of the coil retainer and tightening the nuts. Install the supplied gasket on top of the strut spacer, and re-install the strut assembly

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