Kawasaki Prairie 650 Snorkel REMOVAL AND INSTALLATION


Filed Under (Kawasaki) by admin on 25-10-2010

Remove plastic from around air filter housing. Remove air filter housing lid and air filter. Remove 8 small screws from bottom of air box. Next, remove bolt from front and rear of air box. Remove the air box. Remove old snorkel from air box. Remove hose clamp and rubber drain tube from old snorkel. Reinstall on new snorkel. Install new snorkel vertical with the air box. Reinstall air box making certain all vacuum hoses are reinstalled. Check for clearance around new snorkel. Make sure all wires and steering stem do not come into contact with the snorkel. Adjust as necessary Reinstall filter and filter cover. Jetting depends on your elevation. A good starting point for 1000 feet and under is to remove the main jet #142 from the rear carburetor. Install it in the front carburetor. Purchase and install a #145 main jet in the rear carburetor. This works well with an aftermarket air filter and exhaust. For a very reasonable price, HMF Exhaust offers a jet kit with their exhaust that we recommend. Let them know Diamond G Racing sent you.

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