Kawasaki Teryx Roof Installation Manual


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1. Place Roof Panel on top of UTV Roll cage and center front to back, and left to right. 2. Using Figures 1 Below – place UTV Roof Mounting Brackets on Roof and using a marker, mark the position of the holes needed for each Roof Mounting bracket . For rear of roof mounting, use existing slotted bracket and mark one hole through the factory slotted brackets as shown in Figure 2. Figure 1
Copyright 2007 DiamondBack Automotive Accessories, Inc. Page 3 Figure 2 3. Next, remove the roof from the roll cage and using a drill with 1/4″ bit, drill holes using the marks as a guide. 4. Cut (4) 3″ strips of adhesive foam and apply to roof in between holes to prevent roof rattling once mounted. Foam should run in the direction of the roll cage as shown in Figure 1 above. 5. Next, reposition the roof on the roll cage according to step 1. 6. Prior to attaching the roof mount brackets, cut the remaining adhesive foam in half and apply one section to the roof in the center of the roof where roof and each roll cage bar meet as shown in Figure 1 above. If additional tape is required to prevent rattling it can be purchased from any hardware store as window sealant foam tape. 7. Next, attach the roof mount brackets according to Figure 3. Use channel locks or pliers to hold top of carriage bolt and turn nut with 7/16″ socket.

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