Kawasaki V-Force 700 Snorkel REMOVAL AND INSTALLATION


Filed Under (Kawasaki) by admin on 25-10-2010

Remove plastic from around air filter housing. Remove clamp attaching stock intake (snorkel) from air box. Loosen upper radiator hose clamp. Rotate it so the drive is on the opposite side of the new snorkel and retighten it. Loosen metal support for front plastic. Have a friend gently pull outward and carefully install the new snorkel. Position snorkel so it does not interfere with any cables or steering stem. Move handle bars back and forth. Check for clearance around new snorkel. Make sure all wires, cables and steering stem do not come into contact with the snorkel. Adjust as necessary. Tighten clamp at the air box. Reinstall plastic in opposite order of removal. At your own risk, you can cut slices in the black plastic hood on front of the quad to force the maximum amount of cold fresh air and produce additional horsepower. Jetting will vary from quad to quad and with the altitude

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