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PREPARATION 1. Insure that the motorcycle is on flat level ground. 2. It is recommended that the motorcycle sit for at least one hour prior to installation to allow the engine to cool. During installation tight all fasteners to hold. Wait until you check all clearances and operation of the brake and shift lever to firmly tighten and torque all fasteners. INSTALLATION Right Side Highway Bar 1. Remove the front floor board bolt (M10). (14mm Socket) Figure 1. Right and Left side of Motorcycle is determined while sitting on the bike.
MAINTENANCE / CAUTION The high quality chrome finish of your National Cycle Chrome Highway Bar can be maintained with any quality chrome cleaner and / or polish applied with a soft cloth. Check hardware for tightness regularly. Never ride with loose mounting hardware. Check to be sure your Highway Bar does not contact any part of the motorcycle at a full turn left and right. Correct any problem before using the motorcycle. ©2005 National Cycle, Inc. PO Box 158, Maywood, IL60153-0158 USA 708-343-0400 / Fax: 708-343-0625 / www.nationalcycle.com / e mail: info@nationalcycle.com Page 2 of 2 10-114857-000 09/05 Install Upper “U” Bolt 2. Place “U” Bolt between the radiator and the down tube at the location shown in Figure 2. Threaded ends of “U” will face out- ward. 3. Select the right side Highway Bar. 4. Loosely install the Highway Bar at the lower mount point using the stock screw. (14mm Socket) Figure 3. While installing the Whizlock Nuts in the following Step #5 , be certain to tighten the nuts evenly, alternating left and right as you tighten. When complete you want the same amount of threads exposed on the ends of the “U” to insure the bolt does not rotate. 5. Install the upper Highway Bar with Whizlock Nuts. (1/2″ Socket) Figure 4. Orient assembly so Whizlock Nuts face outside. Firmly tighten after all clearances are checked. LEFT SIDE INSTALLATION 6. Repeat Steps 1 and 2. On the Left Side due to tight clearances between the radiator and the down tube you must locate the point where the radiator is “notched out” slightly. Figure 5. 7. Select the left side Highway Bar. 8. Repeat Steps 4 and 5.

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