Kawasaki Voyager 1700 Hitch Removal both saddlebags and Installation Instructions


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Remove the seat. Remove both saddlebags by removing the 3 bolts shown below Remove the plastic liner in the bottom of the trunk by gently pushing in on the center of the plastic clips Once the liner is removed remove the trunk rear light assembly by removing the 4 black screws in side the trunk and 4 on the bottom side of the light assembly. Unplug the light assembly and set it aside. Remove the bolts for the trunk Have a friend hold the trunk up and remove the 4 screws (two on each side) for the side trim Put the bolts back inside the trunk and tighten finger tight to make sure it does not fall. Remove the remaining side trim screws, 5 on each side, and remove the side trim and set it aside Remove 2 bolts from the saddle bag supports. Place the side plate mounting bracket behind the saddlebag supports and replace the two bolts you removed in the previous step. (We recommend using a few drops of Loctite). Do this step for both sides of the bike. Place the side plate behind the mounting bracket and attach the side plates to the mounting brackets with the two bolts supplied with the hitch (We recommend using Loctite on this step) Repeat this step for both sides of the bike

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