Kawasaki Voyager Installation And Removal Manual


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Review entire installation manual Remove saddle bags and rear fender cover Modify rear fender bolt slots Install receiver hitch and double check all bolts Remount saddle bags Assemble InstaTrike hitch cart Attach InstaTrike to motorcycle via receiver hitch Attach leanstop brace bolts to receiver hitch Align InstaTrike wheels Double check all bolts for tightness Test ride InstaTrike slowly in an open area to familiarize yourself with handling characteristics Receiver Hitch Installation INSTALL ALL BOLTS AND BRACKETS LOOSLEY UNTIL ALL COMPONENTS ARE IN PLACE! 1) Place motorcycle on its center stand 2) Remove saddle bags and rear fender 3) At the bottom of the rear fender locate two bolt slots. (bolts were removed from these when rear fender was removed) Open the front end of these slots in order to remount fender. 4) Replace bottom fender bolts about 2 or 3 turns. This is necessary to be able to remount rear fender. 5) Attach bracket A to motorcycle. Locate two threaded holes (6mm) near the top of the sub frame. Bolt top of bracket A to these holes. ( bolts provided ) 6) Attach bracket B ( left side ) / C ( right side ) to motorcycle by replacing the bolt that holds the muffler to the frame and vibration absorber with the new bolt provided. Bracket B/C mounts on the outside of the large chrome washer. 7) Attach brackets A, B, C to the hitch ( top ) 8) Replace rear fender 9) Attach brackets D and E to the motorcycle sub frame with U- bolts provided. Attach brackets to hitch. 10) Tighten all bolts and double check. 11) Reinstall saddle bags

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