Kawasaki Vulcan 500 Receiver Hitch Installation Manual


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1) Place motorcycle on its side stand on a firm level surface. 2) Remove saddlebags if any. 3) Remove rear riders pegs. 4) Attach front of bracket A (left side) and bracket B (right side) between rear footpeg motorcycle bracket and rear footpeg. Use new bolt provided (Bolt assortment included to accommodate some accessories) 5) Attach bracket E (left side) and bracket F (right side) to two rear fender attachment bolts. Use new bolts provided. (Bolt assortment included to accommodate some accessories) 6) Attach bracket C (left side) and bracket D (right side) to brackets E and F and to second holes on rear of hitch. 7) Attach rear of brackets A and B to BOTTOM of hitch arms 8) Tighten all bolts. Receiver hitch diagram Leveling stand screw jack installation After hitch is installed, install leveling stand screw jacks to hold motorcycle in an upright and level position in order to install or remove InstaTrike. 1) Thread right side screw jack into leveling stand bracket on bracket B and adjust leveling jack bolt out until motorcycle will be level against it. 2) Push motorcycle over from left side until right screw jack is touching floor.

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