The Magic Box? The TRE and Low End Performance of the 2006 ZX- 14 Evaluated


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The dawn of the internal combustion engine gave birth to motorsport, and in turn gave birth to enthusiasts, and the gearheads who tinkered with engines squeezing those last final ounces of power out of their machines in an effort to be the fastest on the block. Along with the gearheads came the inventors, promising a quick fix for those less technically inclined. Even in today’s modern world where specifically engineered computer controlled digital componentry dictates the operation of our everyday lives, enthusiasts still seek out that magic box, gadget or pill that will unleash hidden horsepower held back by a perpetual X-Files like government conspiracy. We’ve all seen the likes of it, and certainly the Internet has played (more often than not) into the hands of modern-day Snake Oil salesman, working the forums through a network of communications like “pss-t.. my buddy knows a guy who used this thing and I swear I gained 20 hp”. The inevitable debate ensues, usually ending up with a lack of hard data and the marketers throwing “seat of the pants” stories out there in an effort to sell their product. Today’s story is a little different. The release of the ZX-14 and the birth of ZX- has possibly, for the first time, brought together a group of riders and technicians who not only have the technical skill, knowledge and background, but also the facilities, industry positioning and resources to once and for all determine if today’s Magic Box, the “TRE”, lives up to its claims. Sit back and read the Tale of the TRE… Things couldn’t have been going better for Ivan Rovinsky before the ZX-14 hit the streets. As a renowned tuner and developer of his TRE, the “Timing Retard Eliminator”, Ivan had shared many years of success marketing his TRE to customers on the Internet through model specific enthusiast forums. More often than not, no one could really put their finger on exactly WHAT the TRE did, though some had their suspicions. Many riders couldn’t deny that the TRE did something, but what it did, no one was exactly sure. This left the TRE and Ivan in a sort of Internet “grey area”, him and his product being sent off into the annals of myth and folklore. Perhaps he HAD invented the Magic Box? No one was sure, but at the same time no one could state otherwise. Advertising on a few sites, but covertly marketing on others brought some heat and unwanted attention to Ivan, mostly for his unpaid advertising tactics. Disgruntled webmasters had their hands full with Ivan and his friends, even on this site, but at the same time no one could state either way as to what the TRE did, or how it did it, and certainly no one wanted to get rid of him. What if Ivan was right? You wouldn’t want to kill the goose that laid the golden egg. Two Worlds Collide When the ZX-14 community got wind that their bikes had been neutered by KHI for low end performance, readers immediately went to work to try to solve the problem, and so begins the undoing of the Ivan myth, and finally some resolution to explain exactly what happens and why. The timing couldn’t have been worse for Ivan, as he stepped into the forum of online ZX-14 chat. He had expected the same age-old response to his product; mystified acceptance . He had been down this road before, so as a seasoned veteran of underground marketing, certainly the ZX-14 would be no different…. but this time things would be different. The ZX-14 is a unique motorcycle and its owners bring a unique and distinct wealth of information to the table.

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