2004 KTM 250 EXC-R exhaust system INSTALLATION


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1. Remove the rear shock and the standard exhaust pipe. And attach the rear shock again. (Standard exhaust flange should remain the current position) 2. Lightly attach the front exhaust pipe to the engine. (See Photo. 2) 3. Insert the joint and tail pipe to lightly attached front exhaust pipe in step 2. Shake the whole for the better fitting. Then, attach the supplied springs to the joint. Lightly attach this tail pipe with the standard bolt. *Insert the two inner collars to the joint. 4. Lightly assemble the silencer and the silencer stay. Insert this to the tail pipe. Lightly attach this tail pipe to the standard attachment position with supplied bolt and collar. Check the best position for the silencer band. (See Photo. 3) 5. Remove the silencer attached in step 4. Securely fasten the bolt of the silencer band. Insert this silencer to the tail pipe and lightly fasten the bolt of the stay. 6. Securely attach the tail pie followed by the silencer stay. 7. Attach supplied springs to the joint of the silencer. 8. Clean all surfaces. Remove any oil on the exhaust pipe and silencer. 9. Make sure all bolts and nuts are securely fastened. Run the engine and ensure there are no exhaust gas leaks. (See Photo. 4) *Carburetor adjustment will be required in the weather and course

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