2008 KTM 125 SX, 144 SX, 250 SX OWNER'S MANUAL


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Short circuit button (SX) The short circuit button [1] turns off the engine. When pressing this button, the ignition circuit is short-circuited. Filler cap To open it: Press the release button [2] and turn the tank cap in a counterclockwise direction. To close it: Put the tank cap back on and turn in a clockwise direction until the release button snaps into place. Install tank breather hose [3] without kinks. Fuel tap OFF In this position the fuel tap is closed. No fuel can flow to the carburetor. ON During operation the twist grip must be turned to ON. This means that the fuel can flow to the carburetor. Choke knob When pulling the choke knob [4] fully towards the top, a bore is opened in the carburetor. Through this bore the engine can take in additional fuel. This results in a rich fuel-air mixture, that is needed for a cold start. When pressing the choke knob downward in the carburetor, the bore is closed again. ON OFF 4 1 2 3 ENGLISH 7 Shift lever The shift lever is mounted on the left side of the engine. The position of the gears is shown in the illustration. Neutral, or the idle speed, is located between first and second gear. OPERATION INSTRUMENTS ยป Kickstarter The kickstarter is mounted on the left side of the engine. Its upper part can be swivelled. Foot brake pedal The foot brake pedal is disposed in front of the right foot rest. Its basic position can be adjusted to your seat position (see maintenance work). 1 N 2,3,4,5, (6) 2 3 1 Compression damping of fork Hydraulic compression damping determines the reaction when the fork is compressed. The degree of compression can be adjusted with adjusting screws at the bottom of the fork legs. Turn the screw [1] clockwise to increase damping, turn it counterclockwise to reduce damping during compression. STANDARD ADJUSTMENT: -turn adjusting screw clockwise as far as it will go -turn it back by as many clicks as are specified for the relevant type of fork Typ WP Suspension 14187D01 . . . . .14 clicks Typ WP Suspension 14187D03 . . . . .14 clicks

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