KTM 3V TURBO DRIVE MODEL 9808T KNEE FEED Installation and Removal Manual


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Gather together the following items that you will need to complete this installation. a) lathe b) 3/8″ electric hand drill c) 9/32″ diameter transfer punch SERVO Turbo Drive Model 9808T Page 2 d) .4375 drill, 3/16″ drill, #7 drill e) 1/4-20 tap f) 3/4″ socket wrench g) set of inch hex wrenches h) clean shop rag Step 2: Clean the power feed mounting area completely. Step 3: Remove the drive clutch nut and the drive clutch from the elevating jack shaft. Step 4: Remove the dial nut, dial, and dial carrier. Keep the dial for reuse later. Step 5: Remove the existing bearing retainer. Keep the screws for reuse later. Step 6: Pull jack shaft out of knee. Hold inboard end up while removing to avoid damage to the pinion gear. Step 7: Press the bearing off the jack shaft. Step 8: Drill and ream the end of the jack shaft .4375″ diameter by 13/16″ deep. The .4375″ dia. must be concentric to the shaft O.D. within .002″ T.I.R. Chamfer 1/32″ x 1/2″ diameter. For best results, machining should be done in a lathe. Step 9: Place the shaft extension #6975 into the end of the jack shaft. Finish drill 3/16″ diameter through the shaft and pin the extension with the 3/16″ diameter x 5/8″ long roll pin. File smooth. Step 10: Reassemble and replace the jack shaft in the machine. Step 11: Replace the existing bearing retainer with #57904 retainer provided. Secure using existing screws. Step 12: Slip spacer #5426 and bearing race #1616 onto the jack shaft. Slide the adaptor #0771 over the bearing race and locate against front of the knee.

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