Ktm CRF-230 Installation and Removal Manual


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Partially install the headlight assembly using the top right white zip tie only to hold it in place temporarily. You will need to plug wires to this assembly. Step 5: Install handlebar switch on clutch side. You will need to move clutch perch to the right (about ½ inch to1 inch) to make room for the switch. The switch plugs into the circuit board on the bottom of the headlight using the 8-pin plug (the only unused 8-pin one on the circuit board) Step 5: (Power harness) The power wire with the two pin plug runs from the battery to the 6 inch wire hanging from the control board. The red wire should be attached to the positive and the black wire to the negative of battery. You will need to notch the battery cover so the wire can fit with the cover closed. Step 6: (Taillight harness) The wire with the six pin plug is for the tail light. Run the wire down the left side of the bike. If you plan on using a front hydraulic brake switch use the front connectors and continue at Step 7A. If you are planning on using a mechanical rear brake switch use the green pair of connectors and continue at Step 7B. You can use both

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