KTM DC CONVERSION HARNESS Removal and Installation Manual


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STEP 3: Install the battery in the battery box. If using the Trail Tech 040-BATT3.7, use the two included 8″ zip ties as shown. If using the Yuasa YTX4l-BS, use a KTM battery strap, STEP 4: Screw the battery box into place on the rear fender. Use the 3 provided screws. The bottom screw hole may not line up on some older models. If so, use alternate opening as shown. STEP 5: Begin installing the wiring harness at the Ground Ring Terminal. Remove the forward coil Bolt (on older models, use the regulator mount), and re-install with ring terminal. Rotate all connectors towards the rear of bike before tightening bolt. Zip- tie the wire harness to the lower frame rail, routing the zip tie through the available slot in the coil mount (as shown). STEP 6: Route the positive(+) battery and tail light connectors under the frame rails, then through the wiring notch in the air- box plastic. If installing a tail light, connect it now

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