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DC SYSTEMS STEP DC1 – REGULATOR/RECTIFIER: PRE-2005 KTM If the stock regulator looks like below (the stock connector will not plug into the Trail Tech regulator/rectifier) then the provided stub connector must be soldered into the bike’s wire harness. For models without a stock battery, mount the reg/rec and plug the stub connector into it. Run the red and black wires directly to the (aftermarket) battery, and the yellow wires to the stator. SEE DC CIRCUIT DIAGRAM ON REVERSE SIDE OF PAGE. MODELS WITHOUT A STOCK BATTERY Move stock light to the DC circuit: divert lighting wire from AC circuit to DC circuit. In stock form, the lights are powered by the AC half of the electrical system. In order to continue to use the stock light, find the yellow wire (runs to stock headlight) shown below (wire bundles are found underneath gas tank) and cut the smaller gauge yellow wire. 1. Connect aftermarket light: Wire the light’s red(+) light lead to the positive(+) battery terminal, and the black(-) light lead to the negative(-) battery terminal. Trail Tech lights should use a 10-20 amp fuse as close to the positive(+) battery terminal as possible.

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