KTM OM-2 Split Body Floating Ball Valves Installation and Maintenance Instructions


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Remove the valve from the shipping package (box or pallet) with care taken to avoid any damage to the valve and actuator (plus accessories where applicable). •Before installation, remove the seal discs from the flange. Clean the inside of the valve using an air line that includes an appropriate air-filter. Ensure that there are no solid objects such as pieces of wood, plastic or packing materials within the valve or on the valve seat. •Confirm that the materials of construction listed on the valve nameplates are appropriate for the service intended for and are as specified. When in doubt contact KTM, or your local Tyco facility. •Define the preferred mounting orientation with respect to the system pressure. The arrow on the body helps to identify the upstream side (high pressure) and downstream side (low pressure). •Ensure that all stud bolts and nuts of the body joint are firmly fastened. Caution •Verify that the direction of the flow in the line corresponds to the arrow indicated on the valve body. Valves without the arrow are bi-directional. •See the Actuator User Manual for the actuator preparation. 2.2. Installation Instructions •Ball valves are normally installed in horizontal pipes with the stem facing up. However, there are no limitations regarding the pipe or stem orientation. •Unless otherwise recommended by KTM, the valve should be installed with the ball in the open position, to ensure that the seat rings are not damaged during installation. •Particular care should be taken for valves equipped with “fail-close” actuators. •For operating temperatures above 200°C (392°F), thermal insulation of the valve body is recommended to protect the actuator/accessories from heat beyond the recommended temperature range. •Handling and lifting of the valves during installation MUST be performed following the same criteria and instructions described in points 1.2. and 1.3

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