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Remove the key from the ignition switch. Remove the passenger seat, the plastic cover around the sides of the passenger seat support brackets and the support brackets to gain access to remove the fuel tank. The fuel tank is held in place by 2 straps and 1 center bolt. After removing the straps/bolt the tank will need to be lifted and twisted to slide it forward and out. You need to nearly stand it up on end to get it out from between the braces surrounding it. Next remove the clutch cover bolts (8mm Socket). Note the length of the bolts and their location. Remove the clutch cover being careful not to damage the gasket. Set cover and gasket on a flat clean surface. 2. Once the clutch cover is removed you should be able to see both clutches. Remove the nut (26mm) that holds the primary clutch (front clutch) on. Pull the clutch off the machine and place it face down on a flat clean surface. Carefully slide the inside plate up and out of the clutch. This should reveal eight clutch rollers. 3. Remove all eight of the stock rollers and set them to the side. Press the new weights supplied in the kit into the new roller housings supplied in the kit and then place the complete rollers in the clutch where you removed the stock ones. The weights can only be pushed into the housings one direction, make sure you are inserting them the right way or damage can occur. Make sure you have all eight of the rollers in the proper place and position. Reinstall the inside plate making sure all the rollers are in the proper location. Place clutch out of the way and start working on the secondary clutch. NOTE: IF YOUR KIT INCLUDES 2 DIFFERENT SETS OF 4 ROLLERS, YOU NEED TO BE SURE TO INSTALL EACH MATCHING EPI ROLLER DIRECTLY ACROSS FROM EACH OTHER (OR IN AN EVERY OTHER SEQUENCE) IN THE CLUTCH TO MAINTAIN A BALANCED SET-UP

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